Compete with your friends and family

You already know you’re a better driver than your friends. Unfortunately your friends think the exact opposite… It’s time to settle things. Not in a game. Not in a simulation. In real life. We proudly present Flo Groups & leaderboards. Now you finally can compare your score with those of friends, your football team or your colleagues. We briefly explain how it works below!

Go to your Flo Online Profile

Log in to your online profile and go to the Flo Groups menu section.

Flo Groups menu group green driver challenge

Explore and Search Groups

Here you can search Groups and we will be suggesting relevant groups for you.

Flo Groups search group green driver challenge

Go to ‘Manage’ to create new groups and manage them

You can invite as many drivers as you want, through email.

Flo Groups create group green driver challenge

Flo Groups leaderboards

Here you can see how you and your friends, family or colleagues drive best, over the past 30 days!

Flo Groups leaderboard group green driver challenge